Congrats to Emily on Her Promotion!

Congrats to Emily on Her Promotion!

We look forward to each opportunity to celebrate Precision Avenue team member success. Recently Emily, one of our associates, was promoted to a management role. Let’s learn more about her and why she was advanced.

“Emily was promoted due to her positivity and ambitious personality,” said Whitney, our Precision Avenue Director of Operations. “She has found creative ways to streamline business processes and is a critical thinker. We value her numerous contributions to our firm.”

As Whitney reflected, one of Emily’s greatest strengths is her non-stop desire to learn and grow. “Emily is an assertive learner, which is why she thrived in our Precision Avenue coaching program,” Whitney said. “She receives constructive feedback effectively and learns from any obstacle she encounters.”

“We have a great training program in our firm,” Whitney noted. “We immerse our people in hands-on learning. They start day one working with coaches. Emily is one who just flourishes in this workplace. She absorbs and applies what she learns. Now it’s her turn to be the one in the coach’s seat. I have no doubt she will do well. She has what it takes to succeed in our industry and I’m excited to see what she achieves next.”

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