How We Encourage Year-Round Giving

How We Encourage Year-Round Giving

Our Precision Avenue, Inc commitment to giving continues to grow along with our reputation in the marketplace. We encourage our team members to contribute to good causes throughout the year by keeping the following key concepts in mind.

One way we make giving a core cultural element is by making sure everyone is engaged in the process. We regularly discuss the causes about which we’re most passionate. From there, we identify opportunities to make social impact that aligns with our people’s interests.

We’ve found that friendly competition is one of the best ways to boost giving efforts. We sometimes attach incentives to our philanthropic endeavors. Doing so challenges members of Team Precision Avenue, Inc to one-up each other when it comes to charitable giving. Our people always seem to emerge from these contests more inspired to keep giving back.

Giving as a team is also a reliable morale booster, helping our branding experts learn more about each other’s unique talents. Every giveback event serves as a reminder of how much we’re capable of achieving, which makes it easier to get excited about social impact. We return to the office freshly inspired to tackle big professional challenges after we help people in need.

These concepts continue to strengthen our commitment to social giving. Find more of our philanthropic insights by liking Precision Avenue, Inc on Twitter .