How to Make the Most of a Healthier Commute

How to Make the Most of a Healthier Commute

Think about this: the average person travels 30 to 45 minutes each way to work every day. That’s a good half a day or more spent en route. In our Precision Avenue office, we have discussed various options for making the most of our daily commutes and staying healthy in the process. Here are three ways to optimize travel time no matter which mode is used:

• Public Transportation: If someone else is doing the driving, this frees up considerable time for us to focus on other things. During a recent Precision Avenue brainstorm session, we noted some ways we could use this time wisely. We could catch up on industry readings, practice meditation or relaxation techniques, do something to sharpen our minds, or even sleep if we need an extra dose of shuteye.

• Driving: Car rides require focus on the road, and tense muscles are common. One tip we’ve discussed during our Precision Avenue meetings is to do some stretching exercises before we get behind the wheel. Driving shoes can improve our comfort levels, especially for those who wear heels to work. Podcasts and audio lessons are great for drivers who want to learn something while headed to and from work.

• Other Tips: Carpooling, aromatherapy, soothing music, and using physical means to get to work (biking or walking) can help us stay healthy while commuting.

How do you beat the commute blues?