PRESS RELEASE: Precision Avenue Takes Part in the Best Buddy Friendship Walk

PRESS RELEASE: Precision Avenue Takes Part in the Best Buddy Friendship Walk

NASHVILLE, TN – The Precision Avenue team recently participated in the Best Buddy Friendship Walk. As the Director of Operations noted, this event is close to associates’ hearts as it raises awareness for individuals with learning disabilities.

“I have worked with the Best Buddy Friendship Walk for many years,” said Whitney, Precision Avenue’s Director of Operations. “It is one of my favorite charities because it speaks to an issue about which not many people speak.”

As Whitney explained, “The main goal of this organization is to help introduce people with learning disabilities to the real world, including helping them get a job and own their own living space. Anyone with a learning disability can succeed and The Best Buddy Friendship Walk shows how easy it can be to help. Our Precision Avenue office is more than happy to give our time and energy for this cause.”

Among the people that the Best Buddy Friendship Walk serves are those with Downs Syndrome, Fragile X, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and more. “This organization provides support for these individuals by creating one-on-one friendships for social mentoring, opportunities to work in an integrated environment, and even leadership development through public speaking engagements,” said Whitney. “What they do aligns with our philosophy for learning and success.”

Precision Avenue’s Director of Operations on How to Make Philanthropy Part of the Company Culture

Whitney shared that Precision Avenue’s philanthropic goals are integrated with team development. “We strive to incorporate giving back into our workplace environment,” she said. “Our community is important to our firm and our growth. Whenever we have the right opportunities, it’s our privilege to step in and show our support.”

One of the factors that Whitney noted as important to cause selection is how the charity’s values and mission align with those of the company. “The Best Buddy Friendship Walk spoke to our firm’s objectives because they seek to empower people to be their best selves,” she noted. “This is akin to our professional development approach.”

Team buy-in is another key to deciding on which organizations to assist. “It should always be a cause that resonates with your associates,” Whitney continued. “Helping people or animals in need tends to speak to people’s inspiration to volunteer.”

“There are so many reasons that it benefits our company and our team to give back,” Whitney concluded. “Most of all, it just really feels great to make a difference.”

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