PRESS RELEASE: Precision Avenue Team Enjoys Growth-Focused Travel Event

PRESS RELEASE: Precision Avenue Team Enjoys Growth-Focused Travel Event

NASHVILLE, TN – The President of Precision Avenue, Inc shared details on a recent leadership conference she attended with two team members. She also offered some of her best tips for networking at big industry events.

Travel incentives of all kinds keep members of Team Precision Avenue, Inc inspired to reach their goals. These travel opportunities include seminars, networking events, and gatherings such as the recent top leaders conference in Dallas. Whitney, the firm’s President, explained, “This annual event is a chance to interact with influential leaders from all corners of our industry. For this year’s conference, I brought Elizabeth and Allison with me so they could take advantage of the connecting possibilities.”

Whitney chose Elizabeth and Allison for the trip because of the value they provide in the Precision Avenue, Inc office. She stated, “They are both strong team players who make helping others a top priority. It’s no surprise that the rest of our branding experts view these two as natural leaders. I’m excited to watch Elizabeth and Allison continue fulfilling their leadership potential.”

The main takeaways of the conference were how to sustain success, how to get promoted, and how to build diverse networks. Whitney added, “I was especially excited to watch Elizabeth and Allison interact with other high achievers from our industry, as well as top leaders. They’ve already started applying what they learned to get closer to their long-term goals.”

Precision Avenue, Inc’s President Shares Conference Networking Tips

Making connections during a crowded industry function can be challenging. That’s why Whitney offers a few simple bits of advice to her team members before they attend an event such as the top leaders conference. “Perhaps the most important thing to do is to be prepared for a chance encounter with a potential contact,” the President noted. “You never know when you might run into an ideal addition to your network, so it’s essential to do some research before the event. With some common ground already identified, you can get on with the business of forging a bond.”

Delivering a strong elevator pitch is also essential when networking at a conference. Whitney added, “You have to make a lasting impression as quickly as you can, because there are probably many other people your new contact will meet during the event. I remind our team members to ask plenty of open-ended questions so they have opportunities to find areas in which they can offer assistance. From there, it’s easier to make a strong case for their unique talents and Precision Avenue, Inc’s innovative on-site promotions.”

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