For a More Productive Life, Try These Tips

For a More Productive Life, Try These Tips

In our Precision Avenue office, productivity equals success. We strategically optimize our time and make every moment count. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but some use it better. Here are some practices to apply today for a more efficient tomorrow:

• Priority Lists: These lists aren’t simply a to-do list marked with what needs to get done first, second, or third. Instead, it’s a list of priorities we should remember as we create our daily task lists. For example, health is a priority. Therefore, we should make sure our schedule has room for physical activities, like walks or going to the gym.

• Use Time Deliberately: When we look at time as a valuable commodity, we realize how important it is to be deliberate with our use of it. As we discuss in our Precision Avenue meetings, we need to be mindful of time vampires, i.e. distractions that can prevent us from reaching our goals. These distractions might include spending time surfing the internet without a purpose.

• Activity Alone Doesn’t Forward Goals: In our Precision Avenue training, we delineate between busywork and productive work. During the course of our day, we should ask ourselves if what we’re doing is advancing our objectives. If the answer is NO, we need to reconsider this task or activity.

How do you boost your productivity?