It’s Promotion Time at Precision Avenue!

It’s Promotion Time at Precision Avenue!

Hard work pays off for our people at Precision Avenue. We have a vibrant advancement program that sets our people up for long-term success in their careers. Three of our associates have earned their next step on the path to leadership: Kaylyn, Caleb, and Liz. Let’s discuss what makes these people sales and marketing superstars.

“We’re excited to promote these three team members into management,” said Whitney, Precision Avenue’s President. “I have complete confidence that they are ready to take the helms in leading campaigns and inspiring their teams.”

As Whitney explained, Kaylyn, Caleb, and Liz have demonstrated the type of leadership skills we value in our Precision Avenue offices. “They exhibit determination, reliability, and positive attitudes,” she said. “They consistently take on any challenge that’s put before them and succeed.”

“These individuals not only show in word, but in action, what it takes to lead in our industry,” Whitney continued. “More importantly, they possess growth-oriented mind-sets. They consistently seek opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve the next level.”

Whitney shared that helping others realize their career goals is her mission. “Every accomplished person is where they are because others helped them, guided them, and believed in their abilities,” said Whitney. “I see the same aspiration I have in Kaylyn, Caleb, and Liz. We are all so excited to be a part of their career success and journey!”

We’re growing and advancing our people to new levels