Saluting Team Member Mackenzie for Giving Back

Saluting Team Member Mackenzie for Giving Back

Philanthropy is in our core at Precision Avenue. We consistently seek opportunities to give back to our community through volunteering and donations. One of our associates, Mackenzie, has been taking the lead to coordinate our efforts with local nonprofits.

“Every office needs that one person who can rally the team, especially when it comes to sharing their time and talents,” said Whitney, Precision Avenue’s Director of Operations. “In our workplace, Mackenzie is that person.”

As Whitney noted, Mackenzie is a top performer at Precision Avenue. “She consistently delivers excellence and infuses each initiative with her passion,” Whitney said. “It’s no surprise that Mackenzie has brought her brand of excitement to get our office more involved with philanthropic causes. She has a keen interest in helping the less fortunate. As such, she’s been an inspiring force in motivating our team to do the same.”

“We’re fortunate that our people share this zeal for getting involved to help others,” Whitney continued. “Each of our people sees the value in volunteering. We look forward to those chances to work together. We create a positive impact in our community. As a team, we share similar personal and professional goals. This vision extends to giving back and making our region stronger.”

We take an active role in our area.