How to Stay Focused and Get Stuff Done

How to Stay Focused and Get Stuff Done

Focus is often a topic ripe for discussion in our Precision Avenue office. We strive to be productive and efficient in accomplishing our tasks. To complete our mission, we need to keep our eyes on the ball and move forward, almost with blinders on. Here are some techniques we’re trying:

• Know Your Goal: Any time we’re on a journey, we need a final destination. Our objectives are the ends of our paths. Since our Precision Avenue culture is goal-driven, our people are trained to center their gazes on the vision. This approach ensures that we understand the purpose for what tasks we are working on and the impact our results will deliver.

• Brainstorm Potential Distractions: It’s easy in today’s busy world to have our focus pulled in multiple directions. Therefore, before we start a project, we should list the distractions that might impede our progress. With this knowledge beforehand, we can have strategies in place to avoid these diversions and continue to build momentum toward completing our work.

• Be Accountable: It’s important for us to remember that what we do doesn’t just affect us as individuals; there are others downstream who are counting on us to deliver. In our Precision Avenue learning environment, we stress accountability, such as meeting deadlines and completing quality work. When we feel responsible to others, it increases our desire to finish what we start.

Keeping focus requires some effort.